Music for IPTV

We offer affordable IPTV Music Streams in M3U and M3U8 for Operators

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A server with all the music lineup for any operator!

Our patented technology: Cloud to Cable Platform.

An example of use of Cloud to Cable is found in our product "Music for IPTV. " Music for IPV and Cable is a product available in packages of 50 to 1000 music channels ready for an IPTV or Cable Operator.  Our customizable IPTV playlist with m3u8 and m3u, and get all channels with mastered screeens ready to broadcast on TVs. Our M3U and M3u8 formats are customizable. Music for IPTV and Cable includes a mobile application, and supports smart TV apps and more. The content is delivered in a server or several virtual machine instances ready for broadcasting to all your customers and delivered using our Cloud to Cable technology. The server or virtual machines are pre-provisioned with the best music.

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A platform using virtualizer instances for the cloud.

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Choose your own screens and service name

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Our Middleware and Applicaiton supports all your mobile, web, and casting devices. DLNA, Chromecast, Apple TV's AirPlay

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Popular Music Selection

Music from all genres and styles. Including 4K streams in M3U8 and M3U

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Music for IPTV in Mobile/Web/Cable TV

Music for IPTV TV

Music of all genres and taste from classical to electronica

Delivered to any IPTV or cable operator with your customizable screens PDF.

MUSIC FOR CABLE from Edwin Hernandez on Vimeo.